domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2020


 She woke up another day having taken another sip of affection into her dreams

Those eyes that told her more deeply than words could explain

That hug in search of a momentary sanctuary to hold onto against the fears

Even if love was not part of the plan their moments transcended and remained.


Connections are sometimes matter of a moment that last forever

Becoming another layer of a hidden personality open up for an instant

And she treasures in her mind every single pearl she got out that

Would it be that difficult to put into words?

That energy exchange will be part of her forever

It is almost never something meaningless.


That reflection of affection is what could drain her every day

Exchanges of energies that were in need of truth

Why it is so difficult to be vulnerable, to be real?


And a lonely soul, broken just in part, came to hang

A deep light of reality turned into dreams

No need to close the eyes looking for wonders

Dreams were now part of a listener in a world of advice.

As reality became an illusion in a surreal disguise.


And the girl smiled at the thought of the past

As a path to conduct her to a reunion

With who united with would make her realize

That always belonged to what that emptiness awaited for.


[Net Art]

lunes, 31 de agosto de 2020

Yo voy primero

Looking back at a black shadow

That internally tried to melt,

Passing unnoticed to most people,

And when seen she would avoid problem

Giving herself completely to other selves.


What is left of that grey soul long ago under sheet?

Reborn happened from cracks and shouts,

Crying for a different self, different life,

Opening the eyes to a new welcome.


If selfish vision to internal need isn’t valued,

A quick look back will turn her into thoughts,

A storm of regretful voices will try to turn her down.

A new day comes and with it another old layer gone.


What is left of a shut mouth and frightened mind?

Wings in her brain along with her hands

Creating a way to fight back and fighting a way out.

Not a hide under the sheets of fantasy anymore,

Nor a need for negation of herself of her wanting.


The fight will last shorter and direct her to the north,

Always finding more paths towards her discovery:

That land of virtues and treasures and enigmas.

Pleasures and tears that will gratify her with fully lived life.



domingo, 16 de agosto de 2020

Reason to be-like Zebras

 Why a zebra?

Beauty is part of their pattern

It just holds a lot of meanings for me

Lines, cracks, a jail within

But those stripes create also flows

They shape their body

They make them exotic and unique.

Even if they try to hide in their group

They are beautiful individually

Even if they rather being part of a social bond

Their unity makes them stronger against danger

But their individuality makes them special when noticed.


From dark skin to light stripes.


An animal can tell a story

It can symbolize our humanity

The chosen enigma

For a person who need a way out.


The Zebra is my animal identity

Which one will you choose to speak for you?


Sunday 16/8/20

Hide and Seek

 We hide ourselves in Art

But what we discover in time is that we end up discovering ourselves:

The most genuine version

The one that feels vulnerable when seen.

But what if uncovering you and expressing your stories

You actually connect with more people than you thought?


We long for connection and the only way to find it is by being ourselves.


In my case, what it was an escape from reality turned into a need,

A call for help from that whisper that needed to speak up,

And by helping myself I turned around and saw the truth in people’s eyes.

So when I portrait them I get all their energy, the intensity they feel.

Seeing with other eyes through flesh and masks, through walls.

It can be too much sometimes,

Like penetrating in secret chambers.

But in the end is enriching for me and for the person I see.

That special connection I feel while creating it won’t go away

Those feelings that person transmitted through their soul will remain

In me, in the portrait, for whoever can see it.




Sunday 16/8/20

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2020

Vessels of Creation

I have nothing else to give that my passion

My purpose is my expression

In the way I know better.


I have nothing left to hide anymore

Pesimist may come and go

But I won't let it sink me.


I will drink of my fears and I will turn it 

into ideas that will safe me from despair

of being afraid that I have nothing to offer.


Until I get back to my words and lines

And I flow easily being driven by them

Shutting my mind of shadows and self-doubt.

And I remind me that need my creative self

And I repeat me that only that way I can save me

Release in the nature with pad and pens

I will write about myself and draw my organic frame.

I had the great luck and disgrace to be born this way.

So when you disminish your path

Think about you as a beautiful vessel

That fills up with experiences and love

Which will be needed to release of the fear

Creating and connecting with other souls.

We are more alike than we thought.

So go there and let yourself be drawn

Not into your fears but into your mind.

It will guide you in that chaos that is Creation

It will leave you to define it ...