Set and setting

 Revence brings gifts. Giving power and respect to a moment can bring you wonder. The problem with some good and extraordinary experiences is that they can be turned into a habit or adiction. And when we fall into it we forget what root we follow to start this in the first place. Although it is good to follow pleasure and have moments for yourself in which you are just there, admiring and living the moment instead of looking for an outcome. There's moments that you don't want them to finish because that quiet voice might come out and tell you more secrets. It can help you connect ideas you didn't think about. And then all has a meaning and a sense that did not connect before in your mind. You were too busy to look for it or even wonder if it existed. And now you are there with lots of information and a mind trying to hold everything to not forget, not even the essence of it. But while some people are content with the memory and diverse ways to confirm and remember those exp

Dipping into adventures

I could write from the heart today and say that this (my path and current career) is the most beautiful surprise I could have come across to. Sometimes, things like this come when you get out of your way, when you give a chance to something new that it might look scary or have you unprepared. I can’t plan everything, and this I am glad to say that it was a lovingly unplanned trip to take. I wouldn’t have taken it any other way. And this morning I woke up just with the idea of negation to another possible adventure. “I don’t want this now”. But in the past I figured it out quite well. There's a difference, I’d say, because I was preparing at home for this without knowing. My head was already linking ideas to heal others or help them with small skin issues and lack of vitamins for immune system. And at the moment that I jumped into the pool I wasn’t that nervous (at least I can say that now) because I had tricks under my arm to get out to play a part. I had a story to tell and th

Love will save us

 I missed this and I don't really now how to start.  I really wanted to bring a bit of light here as the week is just starting and the previous one had its bits of magic to bring along. Love. We have the power to transform everyone aroud us in the same frequency through that lenguage. Of course, there is people who need to learn to speak and understand that lenguage. Some are really far out, others in between. The rest, well, I believe in constant learning. Once passed the dark night of the soul, which is different for everyone, the time comes to realize that you have to care for your personal space. The bad that happened to you was coming indirectly from you not caring about the respect needed. It's not the need to be in guard all the time but to gently show that you respect yourself and that you are not afraid of anything. Why? Because once you have the power to change your reaction to outcomes, you can transfigurate your whole power to speak freely and connect. Respect is th

If you care...

  Today I want to talk about Care. Our own care, what we understand for treat, and why do we feel bad for being different. I love listening to people's cases of health problems related to health, simply because it puts a challenge before me to find them an alternative. Ego doesn’t belong to this path of service but the well used mind in order to cure others. After restoring furniture I came to understand that it was people who needed attention beforehand. So I focused on my mental health to understand why some days I feel weak or my mind just can’t have a moment of rest at night. Or maybe why I have wild dreams when I get to sleep just before the alarm goes off. Do any of these cases sound familiar to you?  I came to the idea today that “we are lost”. No purpose or aim to help others by giving what we are good at. We should be bright with our own light when we do what we like. Some of us aren’t here to be doing an easy job caged in a room. Some have their dreams to create their own

The conversation (monologue)

The conversation started talking about a new design mop. Ours just broke so why wouldn't we buy the whole system that allows you to do the work for you? - Em, and trowing away a bucket in perfect shape? We don’t even mop that much, do we? - she said.  - Ya, but it would make our lives easier... it’d be easier to mop and squeeze the water out. - he said. - Cannot you use you wrists as I do? Oh, wait. That will be a great system for my mother! You can use your hands perfectly, otherwise they get atrophied. - she sentenced.  - Ya but I’d save time drying the floor when a bucket does it for me. She stopped and realized before saying in a "ahá" moment:  - That’s the principle of all new items. They save you time for you to waste it on your phone or whatever the way you just give it away. You know? Every time I see an object like that I first think `oh, that’s original!` followed by a second quick thought that says `wait, that’s stupid, or that will make me stupid!`. - Serously

What defines an Artist? Summer solstice

Today is winter solstice and I come across some typical questions I didn't even bothered remembering.  Are you on the path you saw yourself at the beginning of the year? I certainly had more hope for my shop but I am still finding the way to be a whole thing or to not care that much if it sells or not. I am also becoming more independent of social media. I am strong in my self-care morning routing, I neves scape a Morning pages even if it's just to unwind and ask little questions. I am becoming more present. But there are times that I feel weird if I cannot focus as I used to. I start to doubt everything and myself ... and I guess today is one of those days. Nothing I did was fulfilling enough. Those days in which I think I have certain mental problems until my mind says, if you spend that long listening to your thoughts you might get sick of that. I mean by this that if today I tend to negativity, all is going to look the same. If I feel impatient and that nothing really moves

Carta a una amiga "Por Casualidad"

No soy perfecta, como nadie lo es. Pero huyo del negativismo y de lo fácil, ya que me aburre. No me expreso correctamente cuando hablo,  pero puedo escribirte un poema que te hará llorar y sentir más  que yo forzándome para estar a la altura de una "skill" que no es la mía. También puedo mostrar más con un retrato o un paisaje cuando sobran las palabras. No soy perfecta, pero ¿quién lo es? Puedo cambiar y aunque me cueste, estoy abierta a conversaciones que me despierten de mi error. Mi ego se sentirá herido, mientras que mi mente sentirá como si el universo me dijera algo  previamente no escuchado desde la lejanía de mi rincón de victimismo. No soy perfecta, y te aseguro que nadie lo es. Te puedo escribir, dibujar, incluso embarcarme en el "messy" proyecto de hacerte una tarta Pero te aseguro que esas pequeñas cosas me darán más gusto  Estarán hechas con más cariño que el de comprarte un mero presente deseado. Me alegra alegrar a la gente con lo que hago, me llena

Wild writing "what's in your head today?". Friendship

Hacer las cosas fáciles para ti no significa que sea más amiga tuya. Sino que tengo que sacrificarme un poco más para entrar en lo que tú consideras amistad. He empezado un poco fuerte pero estoy teniendo muchos pensamientos en lo relativo a este tema.  ¿Qué es para vosotros la amistad? Dando igual si es a distancia o en tu lugar de residencia. Para mí es aceptar los cambios que suceden en sus vidas y que me inspiren de forma que podemos compartir ideas juntos. ¿Qué puede ser para otros? Público. No, lo digo en serio, hay tanta gente perdida entre redes sociales y una forma falsa de llevar la vida que lo que buscan es a alguien que les escuche. Ya si cuentan realidades o simplemente se intentan amoldar a lo que te gusta, eso es difícil de ver. Durante mi vida semi adulta he pasado por malos tragos con amistades debido a mi ... llamémoslo "inseguridad mezclada con total confianza ajena o miedo a ser herida al no tener espacio personal intransferible definido".  ¿Por qué estamo