Love will save us

 I missed this and I don't really now how to start. 

I really wanted to bring a bit of light here as the week is just starting and the previous one had its bits of magic to bring along.

Love. We have the power to transform everyone aroud us in the same frequency through that lenguage. Of course, there is people who need to learn to speak and understand that lenguage. Some are really far out, others in between. The rest, well, I believe in constant learning.

Once passed the dark night of the soul, which is different for everyone, the time comes to realize that you have to care for your personal space. The bad that happened to you was coming indirectly from you not caring about the respect needed.

It's not the need to be in guard all the time but to gently show that you respect yourself and that you are not afraid of anything. Why? Because once you have the power to change your reaction to outcomes, you can transfigurate your whole power to speak freely and connect. Respect is the key that comes through love.

No need to bring bad energy to a place by complaining and bitching. Remember that is a tendency but a constant work to do to relocate it. At the end of the day, remember that we are all people figuring out our lives. By coming from that perspective we should be more empathic and less presumptuous. 

Don't get me wrong, everyone can have a bad day, my point is that it is about them, not you. There's not a personal attack but a spill of problem not fixed internally of that person.

This results in: "if you come to a situation with love and no fear you can sort it out calmly". Otherwise, if not understood your language, oh, well, keep moving along your path. 

Toxicity can be easily asociated with bad habits, like work we don't want to do. They take a long time of our week, and if we drag that not fulfilling experience into the weekend we get crazy and drink our arse again. Sorry for my language but it is what I see in general. Lost people who don't want to hear about mental health and want to fix a problem without looking at the root of it. Without willing to really change the main behaviour. 

And all this, my friends, sour a person internally, with no purpose but a constant chore to do to pay bills and drinks to forget how miserable it feels. Numbing ourselves to death or until we are too old to work and then, we miss the energy we could have used in travel or adventures.

Something is really wrong here. But I came to bring light, no despair.

Detect toxicity around you and learn to keep it away. Because all good and bad habits (like energy) are contagious. If you don't want to feel in a loop of hatred and despertation, remove yourself from those situations. If you are looking to be understood, first give yourself the time to understand yourself. 

The movie "Land" portraits this really extremely by showing a woman that not wanting to mask her pain in front of others, just remove herself from the society. Off grid she lives, inmerse in nature and the difficulties of a wild life around. Co-habiting with wild and her thoughts and feelings. Until the healing slowly come and she acts on her survival, not her destruction. Love saved her, the same as it can save us. 

I finish this text by recommening this movie for whoever fell by chance into this blog. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day. Much Love.


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